So You Just Got Into a Car Accident... Now What?!

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It happens to the best of us! One minute you are driving, and the next you are on the side of the road with your bumper sitting next to your car. You may be at fault, or the other driver may have missed you in their blind spot. Either way, you do not want to find yourself unprepared. Here are some simple steps to follow if you find yourself in an auto accident!

1) Make sure you are safe!

If you are on a highway or busy road, make sure to safely position yourself away from any potential hazards, including oncoming traffic!

2) Call 911

Once you are in a safe location, call 911! If anyone is injured, you will want to have police and paramedics on the scene immediately. Even if no one is hurt, it is important to get a police report of the accident to have on record.

3) Do NOT discuss the accident with ANYONE, except to answer questions asked by the police officers.

4) Do NOT take ANY blame for the accident.

This may be challenging if you know that you are at fault. Be sure to remain neutral until the police arrive. Even if you are responsible, keeping your comments and apologies to yourself can save you a lot of trouble in the future. You are not lying about being at fault, you are simply making sure you have all of the facts before convicting yourself. You may even still be eligible to receive coverage!

5) Gather the Information:

Once the police have arrived, be sure to get the following information from the other party. This could mean the difference between being covered or paying out of pocket!

From the Other Driver:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Home Phone #
  • Work Name & Phone # (This is if the person driving the other vehicle is driving on behalf of a company.)
  • Driver's License#
  • Date of Birth
  • Insurance Company
  • Policy #

From the Owner of the Vehicle:

  • Make/Model
  • Year
  • License #
  • Vehicle ID
  • Owner's Name
  • Address
  • Phone #

From Witnesses:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone #

From the Responding Police Officer(s):

  • Officer Name
  • Department
  • Badge #

6) Take pictures of the scene of the accident BEFORE leaving. Draw a diagram if you believe it will help to explain to a judge or third party the events that transpired.

It may be challenging to take pictures of the accident before the other party leaves, but this is very important to prove your case to insurance companies! Even if you are at fault, take pictures. You never know what may be beneficial to you.

6) Call Legal Council (Inman and Tourgee provides FREE CONSULTATIONS)!

Lawyers are trained experts, skilled in providing you with comprehensive understanding of your rights and duties. They can fight to get you the maximum amount of recovery! With over 30 years of law practice, Inman and Tourgee has the experience needed to get you maximum coverage. Call (401) 229-5521 for a free consultation!

With these tips, you will be prepared to handle the stress and frustration that accompanies an auto accident!

~Compliments of Inman and Tourgee

*Helpful Tip!

Print this page out and place it in your glove compartment! If an unfortunate auto accident occurs, you will have the tools on hand to handle it like a pro!

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