Common Car Accident Injuries

Injuries to be Aware of if You Were the Victim of a Car Accident

More than 3 million individuals are injured in car accidents in the U.S. every year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Depending on the severity of the accident and how it occurred, the types of injuries one can sustain are vast and varied, though some are more common than others.

Factors to Consider

The type of injury an individual suffers can depend on several different elements of an accident. This includes:

  • Whether or not a person was wearing a seatbelt
  • If the vehicle was hit from the rear, side, or front
  • If the person was facing straight ahead, or if his or her head or body was turned
  • The speed at which the accident occurred
  • If the vehicle was equipped with airbags

Types of Injuries

There are two main categories of injuries – impact injuries and penetrating injuries. A penetrating injury involves cuts and scrapes, caused by shattering glass or loose objects within the car. Impact injuries occur when part of a person’s body hits the interior part of the car.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries refer to damage caused to the muscles, ligaments, or tendons. Whiplash, which occurs when the muscles and ligaments in the neck and upper back are stretched in a sudden movement, is the most common example of this injury. Car accidents can also cause mid-back and low-back muscle sprains, though some can be even more severe if the spine is subjected to enough force.

Scrapes and Cuts

Loose objects inside of the car can quickly become dangerous projectiles and, if any of them hit an occupant, they can easily cause cuts or other types of penetrating injuries. Airbags can also cause cuts and scrapes upon deployment.

Head Injuries

Head injuries, such as concussions, can range from mild to severe. Even a forceful whiplash can result in a head injury, causing damage to the tissue and fluid within the skull. The head itself might also sustain an injury if, for example, it hits a side window or the steering wheel.

Chest Injuries

These usually take the form of contusions or bruises, but can potentially be severe enough to result in broken ribs or other internal injuries. Drivers are most susceptible to this injury due to their position behind the steering wheel.

Regardless of the type of injury you sustain, keep in mind that symptoms are not always immediately apparent, which is why it is crucial to always visit a doctor after being involved in a car accident. This is both for the benefit of your health and your personal injury claim, should you choose to file one.

Seek Skilled the Representation of Our Rhode Island Car Accident Lawyers

At Inman & Tourgee, our Rhode Island car accident attorneys are devoted to assisting our clients through what is undoubtedly a difficult time. We are here to guide you through every step of the process and to ensure that you do not face the at-fault party’s insurance company alone. Our firm has handled countless car accident cases, covering every angle, and are familiar with the regular judges and police involved in such matters.

If you have been injured in an accident due to someone else’s reckless and negligent actions, you deserve the best representation. Even if the at-fault party fled the scene, we know how to thoroughly investigate cases and will be able to determine what type of insurance claim you should file.

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