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Disability benefits are some of the most difficult social security benefits to claim. Less than 30% of applicants are accepted the first time they file, and annual acceptance rates are less than 50% overall. Hundreds of people with legitimate disability claims are denied every year, often because the forms are so long and complicated that they don’t even realize they didn’t complete them correctly. Retaining the help of a RI Social Security disability lawyer who is knowledgeable regarding the process can make a significant difference in your chances for approval.

If you’ve been denied disability, or need help applying for the first time, call Inman & Tourgee at (401) 229-5521.

Knowing the SSD Process

The first thing you’ll need to do is get an application. This can be done by calling Social Security offices and asking them to mail you one, or getting a form online. Then all you have to do is fill the form out, send it in, and wait—which sounds deceptively simple.

Social Security forms are notoriously confusing and difficult. Some items that would logically be placed together on the form, like income and taxes, are spaced apart by pages and pages of other information. The application asks very specific, detailed questions for information you may have forgotten, or just don’t know.

The process can look different for all claims, but may include the following phases:

  • Initial form completion and decision (three months to over a year)
  • Request for reconsideration if denied (around three to five months)
  • Hearing held before the Administration Law Judge if denied again (an average of 11 to 12 months)
  • Pursuing your claim before the Appeals Council (a year or more)
  • Finally, the U.S. District Court if you’re denied at all levels (one year)

If not handled correctly, you could face maximum waiting times and go for an extended period without any benefits. Let our Rhode Island SSD lawyer guide you through this process to ensure an optimal outcome.

What Can a Lawyer Do for Me?

Filing for disability is like building an argument. You have to convince the administration that you are in legitimate need of these benefits. Inman & Tourgee’s experienced Rhode Island social security disability attorneys have made arguments like this before. With 125+ years’ collective experience and $35+ million recovered for clients over the years, we are equipped to help you gather the information necessary to present a strong case.

If your form is still rejected even with the services of a lawyer, do not panic. Claims are given a 60-day reconsideration period. Once our team has reviewed your denial, we can better identify what information the social security office is looking for and reapply for you. Appealing disability denials is very common, and has a greater success rate than the initial claim. The earlier you have an attorney assisting you, the better.

We are dedicated to helping disabled people just like you. Call (401) 229-5521 for help with your Social Security Disability claim.


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