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Criminal Record Expungement and Sealing

Is your criminal record preventing you from getting a job and moving forward with your life? We offer a free consultation and we can determine if and when you may be eligible to have your criminal record sealed or expunged.

                You will be eligible for your criminal record to be sealed if the case has been dismissed, a no information or no true bill has been filed, if there are no felony convictions on the record.  If you receive a filing, you are eligible to have your record sealed after 1 year from imposition of the filing, unless it is a domestic charge, then you are eligible 3 years from the date of the offense.

                You will be eligible to expunge a misdemeanor from your record 5 years after the sentence has been completed. For a single felony you may be eligible 10 years after the completion of the sentence, if it is not considered a violent offense. If you have more than one misdemeanor but less than 6, you will be eligible 10 years from the end of sentence on the most recent case, with the exception of Driving Under the Influence, Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test or Domestic offenses.

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