Recent Results


                                                                     RECENT RESULTS

Here are a few of our many success stories in recent criminal cases:

Client charged with Domestic Simple Assault, Domestic Vandalism and Larceny in Providence County.  Prosecutor offered probation, we set the matter down for trial and the entire case was dismissed day of trial!

Young client was charged with Driving Under the Influence in Kent County, her blood was taken at the hospital and the BAC(blood alcohol content) was high. We were able to get the prosecutor to amend to a civil offense of Driving While Impaired, her record remained free of a criminal conviction and the penalties were a lot lower!

Client charged in Third Division District Court with misdemeanor domestic violence charges resulting in his entire collection of firearms being seized upon his arrest. After one pre-trial, we were able to convince the prosecutor that the charges were not warranted and he dismissed the case. The police then returned all firearms to the client and his record was successfully sealed.

Client was charged with driving without consent and two counts of possession of controlled substance, all felony offenses in Kent County Superior Court. The Attorney General was asking for a 4 year suspended sentence because the client had other matters pending in another court. Due to our advocacy and efforts, the judge agreed to defer sentencing for 3 years over the state's objection. A deferred sentence is not a conviction nor is it a criminal sentence, and if the client completes that period of time without any new offenses, the record of those felonies will be expunged immediately!

Client was charged with possessing and passing counterfeit US currency, felonies, in the Washington County Superior Court. When we asked to examine the evidence, we discovered not only did our client not possess counterfeit currency but that the currency she possessed was genuine and had been comingled with counterfeit currency seized from another individual. We filed a motion to dismiss the criminal information but before the matter could get to a hearing, the state prosecutor dismissed all charges against the client and her record has been successfully sealed!

Client was charged in the Washington County Superior Court with delivery of a schedule 2 controlled substance, which is a felony punishable by up to 30 years imprisonment. As a result of our advocacy, the charge was reduced to a misdemeanor, non-drug offense and filed for one year with no conditions. That one year filing was completed successfully and that charge has been sealed from his record!

Client was charged with possession of a controlled substance – a felony -  in the Washington County Superior Court. We filed a motion to suppress the evidence the state intended to use at trial and set the matter down for a hearing. Due to our advocacy and the strength of our arguments, the state dismissed the charge entirely before the hearing could happen and the client had the record of that arrest sealed.

Client was charged with misdemeanor larceny by North Kingstown Police. As we reviewed the evidence, we found that the state's evidence was extremely weak to prove our client either knew or should have known about what the person with him was doing. After exposing the state's weak evidence to the judge, the judge allowed the client to maintain his not guilty plea and filed the matter for one year, after which it will be dismissed entirely.

A juvenile client was accused of second degree sexual assault on a fellow classmate at a middle school within Kent County. That charge is a delinquent offense and would require sex offender registration if the client was found to delinquent. Based on our advocacy and zealous representation, the charge was reduced to a wayward offense of simple assault and the client was placed on one year of probation – no sex offender registration and no time at the training school. Because a wayward offense is equivalent to what would be a misdemeanor offense had the client been an adult, this result will never be able to be used against the client once the client turns 18.

A client was charged in the Third Division District Court with two misdemeanor counts of crimes of domestic violence – assault and disorderly conduct despite clear evidence from the accuser himself that our client had not committed any criminal offense. Based upon our motions and advocacy, the charges against our client were dismissed entirely and her case sealed!

A client was charged with domestic simple assault in the Third Division District Court which resulted him not being able to go back to his home while his case was pending. The state's evidence showed that the accuser had a history of lack of candor and this history cast serious doubt on our client's guilt. Because time was of the essence in this case because of the housing situation, we quickly and zealously advocated on our client's behalf to get the prosecutor to dismiss all charges without a trial and the client was reunited with his family.

A client was charged in the Newport Superior Court with 8 counts of felony fraud charges related actions taking place at a casino in Rhode Island. Each count of that criminal information was potentially punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment. Based upon our review of the evidence and our advocacy in court, we were able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss 7 of the counts and reduce the remaining count to a misdemeanor offense which resulted in one year probation, which is not a conviction under Rhode Island law!


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