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Domestic Violence Offenses

                Sometimes a family dispute can quickly get out of hand if the police are called, often resulting in arrest and No Contact Orders with loved ones. You can be charged with a domestic offense, not only if you are related but also if you have a child together, reside together (which includes roommates), or are currently or have recently been in a substantive dating relationship with a person.   There are serious implications with having domestic offenses on your criminal record, if you have two domestic convictions the third offense will be a felony, mandatory jail time on a second offense or more, there are statutory requirements like attending domestic violence classes, and you may also have problems getting a domestic conviction sealed or expunged.  

                It is important to have an attorney experienced in handling domestic charges on your side and fighting for you. With a Combined 20 years experience we have handled hundreds of cases involving domestic violence charges. Check out our results tab to see some of the outcomes we have gotten for our clients.

Also, if you are a victim looking for a No Contact Order to be vacated or modified, we can help assist you in the process.

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