The Dangers of Social Media During a Rhode Island Divorce

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Regardless of the circumstances, going through a divorce can be an extremely stressful and emotional process. Having a shoulder to lean on can bring a great deal of comfort to someone who faces a divorce. Although turning to loved ones for emotional support during a divorce in Rhode Island is expected and encouraged, it's important to be careful about using social media during this process. It can, in fact, hurt your interests in the divorce. Here's how that can happen.

Keep Your Thoughts About Your Spouse Off Social Media

Let's face the facts: we often say or do things that we regret in the heat of the moment. It's not unnatural; it's part of being human. When it comes to social media, though, it's important to restrain from saying or posting things out of anger--especially when the things that you say or post are derogatory about your spouse. This is especially important if you have children because a judge could consider it when determining parenting time.

When posting on social media, act as if anything and everything that you post--every Facebook status, every Instagram post, and every tweet--will come up as evidence in your divorce case. If you aren't comfortable with your social media post being presented to a judge in a court of law, then it doesn't need to be posted online. 

Keep Off of Your Spouse's Social Media Pages

Going through a divorce can be a process that is difficult to adjust to. During this time, you may have a hard time acclimating to being without your spouse and knowing what is going on in their lives. It's not surprising that a spouse would be curious about what their ex-partner was doing during the divorce process. But doing so could nurture resentment and bitterness that can interfere with things like mediation.

Regardless of the itch to nose around in your spouse's business, it's a good idea to try to keep to your own business during your divorce.

Your Posts Can Be Used Against You

When you post on social media, a good practice is to assume that each and every one of your posts is permanent and cannot be deleted. Although it is possible to delete posts or comments from your social media pages, remember that each and every person who is reading your posts has the capability of taking a screenshot and saving the content that you post. If your divorce is particularly contentious, just remember that your ex would love to get his or her hands on a social media post that could be used against you. 

When posting on a social media platform, here's a tip: act as if your most faithful online follower is your spouse's divorce lawyer, and that anything that you post is fair game against you in your divorce. If your comfortable with this thought, think twice before you post online. 

Facing Divorce? We're Here to Help

If you are facing a divorce in Rhode Island, securing quality representation from a seasoned family law attorney can have a huge impact on the outcome of your divorce. When you retain a divorce attorney from Inman & Tourgee, you can rest easy knowing that you are going into battle with a seasoned family lawyer who is armed with the knowledge and experience needed to fight for you during your divorce.

To discuss divorce with a member of our legal team, fill out an online case evaluation form or call (401) 823-9200 today. 

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