The Spring Weather Dangers That Cause Motor Vehicle Accidents

Posted by April Picozzi | Nov 03, 2022 | 0 Comments

As winter draws to a close, it's tempting for drivers to assume that they can put seasonal weather challenges behind them. However, springtime brings its array of weather-related hazards that no driver can afford to ignore.

To help you stay safer on the road, here are six spring weather dangers you should be aware of.


Heavy rainstorms can quickly flood the road, reduce visibility, and impair your ability to stop safely.

Drive slowly, use your wipers, and maintain a safe stopping distance. Pull over if it's unsafe to keep driving and use your hazard lights.


Hail can impair your visibility and make it unsafe to drive. It may even damage your windscreen.

Where possible, pull over until the storm subsides and be alert to any pedestrians hurrying across the road.


Bright, low sunshine during the spring can cause serious visibility problems for drivers. You may find it difficult to see traffic lights changing, and you could struggle to see oncoming vehicles.

Wear sunglasses while driving. You should also stop if your vision is impaired and only move when it's safe to do so.


Potholes are often more noticeable in the spring now that they are no longer concealed by snow and ice.

Keep your eye on the road and avoid swerving–sudden movements can cause accidents and damage your vehicle. If you cannot safely avoid the pothole, pass over it in a controlled manner.     


Better weather means more animal activity, so there's an increased chance of animals crossing the road in front of your car. They often appear suddenly, so you should remain alert, avoid driving too fast, and ensure you have sufficient time to stop safely.  

Be especially careful at dawn and dusk–some large animals, like deer, are most active during these times.


Just as the warmer weather increases animal activity, it also means you are more likely to encounter pedestrians, cyclists, and children playing.

Do not exceed the speed limit and take your time while driving through the local neighborhood, as children or cyclists may appear on the road without warning.  

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